»Majors at Queens College

Majors at Queens College

Choosing a Major:

Completing a minimum of one major is a requirement for a Queens College Bachelor’s Degree and is one of the most important decisions in your life. The Academic Advising Center assists undeclared and undecided students in a number of different ways, which include individual advising sessions, decision-making exercises in the First-Year Planning Programs, and through the Sophomore Initiative Program and its ‘Milestones’ Workshops. Additionally, the Academic Advising Center co-sponsors the College’s Major/Minor Information Fair that brings together academic departments, honors programs and support services with undeclared/undecided students to meet with faculty and to explore and choose majors and minors.

Declaring a Major:

It is strongly advised that students declare a major(s) via the College’s Major/Minor Declaration Form (available online, or in the Advising Center, or Registrar’s Office) and file a concentration form in the department(s) by the end of the sophomore year, which is around completion of the 60th credit, to ensure timely completion of the bachelor’s degree. Majors at Queens College range anywhere from 30 to 89 credits. With advanced planning, it is may be possible to complete some of the College’s majors with fewer credits and/or less sequencing in just three semesters. Students may complete more than one major if they wish and may opt for one or more minors. Other thoughts on rounding out the study of one’s major, are electives, study abroad, internships, etc.

Special Note: Most forms of financial aid require that students declare the major prior to the completion of the 60th credit, otherwise, they may lose their financial aid support.

To Declare Most Majors, Please Follow this Procedure*:

*Department of Economics requires that students complete their own on-line based form. Click here for more information.

Once You Have Declared a Major:

It is important that you meet regularly with a faculty advisor in your department. You are responsible for becoming familiar with your major requirements and the expectations and responsibilities of completing your major.

By Declaring a Major, You Will:

More information on careers related to majors:

Office of Career Development & Internships

The Office of Career Development and Internships offers career counseling, internship, and placement services and has many resources to assist you in making sound academic and career decisions. It serves as a vital link between the academic, business, and professional worlds to help you make realistic connections between your education and the world beyond college. Location: Virginia Frese Hall, Room #213, (718) 997- 4465

Majors at Queens College

Exploring Majors at Queens College