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Laura Silverman

Welcome to Your Senior Year at Queens College...

Congratulations, you are a senior (90+ completed credits)!  We want to make sure that everything is in place so you can graduate as you expect and move on to the next academic and professional goals you have.  When thinking about advising this year, you want to think about two areas:  required Major/optional Minor requirements and Queens College's general education degree requirements.  Now is the time for you to double check with your academic department(s) and your DegreeWorks Student audit (accessible via CUNY portal) to make sure that you are ready to graduate. As a senior, you will have several sources of advice:  your Major/Minor advisor(s), academic advisors in the Academic Advising Center (Kiely Hall 217), and career counsellors in the Office of Career Development & Internships (Frese Hall 213)

The senior year is often the busiest year but also the most exciting as students are completing their majors, writing theses, getting a taste of the "working world" via internships or student teaching and applying to graduate schools or looking for jobs. Approaching graduation and preparing for life after undergraduate studies can be a daunting challenge. To help seniors navigate through the information and services available to them, the Academic Advising Center's "Senior Corner" site has been created to assist in the navigation of your last year/semester at the College.

The "Senior Corner" develops, coordinates, and facilitates resources, activities, and events to celebrate undergraduate student attainment of senior status and help undergraduate seniors cope with the impending changes of transitioning out of the college setting and into the workplace or graduate/professional schools.

Jamie Lau
Assistant Director for Junior/Senior and Transitioning Services
Kiely Hall 217
Phone : (718) 997-4859 , Fax: (718) 997-5643

Senior Corner : News & Events

Some things to think about as a senior:

  • Senior Year Checklist
  • Timeline - Graduate School
  • Check your DegreeWorks Student Audit (accessible via CUNY Portal under "SSO application for Students") for accuracy and speak to an advisor in the Academic Advising Center to see what graduation requirements remain to be completed.  Make your course selections accordingly.
  • Think about what you want to do after graduation.  Do you want to look for a job or apply directly to graduate or professional school?  Maybe you would like to take some time off and travel or do volunteer work.  Whatever decision you make, a significant part of your time this year will be devoted to preparing for “life after QC.”  Your decision may also affect which courses you choose or how heavy of a course load you take each semester.
  • Networking is an important factor in most successful job searches and the Office of Career Development & Internships [Frese Hall Room 213] is a “must visit” for assistance with resume preparation,interview skills, and the job search itself. 
  • Visit your academic department(s) to speak with your faculty advisor, who is an invaluable contact for information about graduate programs in your major field.