»Sophomore Advising

Dear Queens College Sophomore,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to your sophomore year at Queens College! You are considered a lower sophomore if you have 28-44 completed credits or an upper sophomore if you have earned between 45-60 credits. In order to prepare you for a successful sophomore year, we will continually keep you posted of news and events that may be of special interest to you. Your sophomore year is an exciting and challenging time. It is also a time to begin reflecting and exploring all of the opportunities that lie ahead. If you have any questions about the coming year, feel free to give the Academic Advising Center a call at 718-997-5599, to schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor.

Connect With These Offices...

  • THE ACADEMIC ADVISING CENTER : Academic planning, major exploration, general education requirement review referrals to other offices. Visit with an academic advisor to clarify degree requirements, leading to graduation in a timely manner. Sophomores ask your advisor how you can graduate in or around “Six Semesters” Visit us in Kiely 217.
  • ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS : Whether or not you have decided on a major it is always a great idea to visit academic departments and faculty advisors to explore your interests & learn more about the college’s academic disciplines.
  • THE OFFICE OF CAREER DEVELOPMENT & INTERNSHIPS : Career and major exploration/workshops on resume writing and interviewing skills, job searches & internships, graduate school information & much more. The office is located in Frese 213. Please contact them for workshop dates & times.
  • EDUCATION ABROAD : Offers various opportunities to study abroad for a semester, winter, summer or a year. Exchange programs within the United States or Canada with The National Student Exchange Program. The office is located in Kiely 183.
  • OFFICE OF HONORS & SCHOLORSHIPS : Assists students in identifying and applying for awards that are appropriate to their academic and career goals. Visit them for more information Honors Hall 16.

    What should I be doing this year?

    • Made significant progress or completed your English Composition, math and foreign language courses?
    • Visited an Academic Advisor in Kiely Hall 217 every semester?
    • Taken your third writing-intensive course?
    • Considered possible majors and researched their requirements?
    • Met with a faculty advisor in the major(s) and minor(s) that interest you?
    • Declared a major and minor in the Registrar’s Office, Jefferson Hall, Ist flr?
    • Visited Office of Career Devlopment & Internship, Frese 213, to plan an internship?
    • Considered joining the Education/Study Abroad Program in your junior or senior year?
    • Explored the activities of the Student Life Office (clubs and student government)?

      Other questions to consider:
    • Are you doing well in your classes?
    • If you are receiving financial aid, have you seen a Financial Aid Counselor in Jefferson Hall 202?

    Samantha Clement
    Assistant Director for Sophomore Initiatives
    Kiely Hall 206

    Phone : (718) 997-5666 , Fax: (718) 997-4690